"You move to the music of your own body and to the rhythm of your own breathing"

"Moreover, such a body, freed from nervous tension and over-fatigue, is the ideal shelter for housing a well-balanced mind that is always fully capable of successfully meeting all of the complex problems of modern living."

"Using the Mind to Master the Muscles"

- Joseph H. Pilates

Personal Pilates
with Zory Burner

Be at PEACE with yourself, with your body, with your mind be stronger be more flexible endurance feel more comfortable in your body have the ease and beauty of a better posture have more energy
confidence improved posture toned muscles alignment, coordination, balance breathe improve your range of motion body awareness control your muscles long lean body

What is Pilates?

The Pilates method was pioneered in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, arguably the first influential figure to combine Western and Eastern ideas about health and physical fitness. He developed a new approach to exercise, initially called Contrology, as it emphasized the importance of muscle control. As an ultimate mind-body workout, the method brings out a natural grace and suppleness in the body.

pilates position 1

Pilates is a whole body conditioning and core strengthening method, targeting the deep postural muscles, thus building strength from the inside out, rebalancing and reshaping the body, bringing it into correct postural alignment, making it leaner and more toned. Pilates helps achieve a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, and the relief of unwanted stress and tension. Its slow and controlled approach provides longer term results and is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems. Pilates offers both mental and physical training, which encourages efficient breathing and the creation of a girdle of strength, achieved by working the deep muscles that stabilize the torso. Precise, controlled, flowing movements avoid muscle and ligament damage, sometimes associated with other fitness regimes. Pilates, in fact, plays a key role in many injury rehabilitation programs in dance, sport and general practice.

Joseph Pilates did not lay down a formal training program, with the result that, on his death, his 'disciples' continued teaching by adding their own variations to the core principles and philosophy. This flexible approach is one of the reasons why Pilates has been so successful.

Is it for me?

pilates position 2

Practicing Pilates is known to safely and effectively increase core strength, flexibility, balance, improve posture, release habits of overuse or misuse, reduce pain and prevent injuries. People who consistently use the Pilates method report benefits such as improved body awareness, coordination and control, strengthened and uniformly developed muscles without added bulk, and increased lung capacity. In addition, they sleep better, have increased energy and reduced stress levels. When finishing a workout, you feel refreshed and energized. Every aspect of it is pleasurable, because it is flowing and buoyant. The result is a lithe, toned, and supple body.

Beginner to advanced ability,
any level of fitness

Overall wellness and Holistic lifestyle coaching. Give yourself some precious "me time", recharge your batteries, improve self-confidence, re-sculpt your body and escaping from the hustle & bustle of the city.

Computer users and long-hour drivers

Pilates stretched and strengthens neck and shoulder muscles, helping prevent strain and headaches, and improving posture. Practicing Pilates results in a general sense of health and well-being.

Injury Prevention

Injuries often occur where the body compensates for developmental imbalances or trauma. Classical Pilates teaches body awareness: with a better understanding of the injury or misalignment, the client can heal faster and is less prone to re-injury.

Dancers and athletes

Cross-training with Pilates for its unmatched ability to enhance physical performance: from ballet to sports teams, runners and fitness enthusiasts are utilizing Pilates to fine-tune their bodies. The method is also widely popular among actors, models, musicians and celebrities within the entertainment industries.

Feel too old to exercise?

Pilates has been safely practiced by men and women in their 70’s and 80’s, for almost 90 years.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Back pain, neck tension, osteoporosis, arthritis. Rediscovered by chiropractors and orthopedists, Pilates is successfully integrated into rehabilitative and physiotherapy programs, designed to speed the recovery of soft tissue injuries. Recently it has been introduced as a part of muscular therapy for multiple sclerosis sufferers, as well.


The safe practice of Pilates helps pregnant women learn proper breathing and alignment, and recover body shape and tone after childbirth. Some of the exercises are particularly beneficial to women in general, as they strengthen the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

Yoga Practitioners

Pilates and Yoga share similar goals, both believing in individual progress in a non-competitive arena, with emphasis on stretching and strengthening of muscles. Pilates works the body as an integrated whole, coordinating the upper and lower musculature with the body’s center.

Am I the right instructor for you?

I've always had an interest in the world of fitness and dance, right from the tender age of 7 when I trained in Artistic Gymnastics for a few years. In parallel, I was developing a passion for music, playing the piano for over a decade, with years of efforts in maintaining a perfect upright posture at the classical instrument. In time, a persistent discomfort in my lower back lead me to discover a permanent problem in a section of my spine, which had become an obvious limitation, both physical and mental. Until I discovered the power of Pilates!

pilates position 3

As soon as I started practicing, I felt a change in my in my energy levels, followed by a surprisingly rewarding overall sense of stability and body awareness. It gave me a first hand understanding of why Joseph Pilates called his method The Art of Control. It's exciting to see what you are capable of achieving for your body and health, especially in a world where we have so little control of pretty much everything else. And so, Pilates became my passion.

I've come to see its true value for why it actually works. I feel especially strongly about the concept of "quality over quantity", slow and controlled movements in full range, targeting the deep postural muscles, thus building strength from the inside out and creating lasting results, which is much more effective than sloppy, endless repetitions of crunches, or forced and prolonged cardio, performed ad nausiam. Becoming aware of these has convinced me of how much Pilates has to offer those who want to keep doing all the things they enjoy well into the second half of life.

Since I moved to London in late 2008, I quickly started noticing the very ill effects fast-paced life has on people: at the workplace, on the streets, even in the home environment. Tight muscles and restrictive breathing due to stress, headaches and back ache due to poor postural alignment, all related to hectic and 'rushed' lifestyle. I started exploring the combination of the precision and strength work of Pilates with the deep release work of Restorative Yoga. Introducing progressive flowing sequences of movements to help draw out all benefits of the practice in each individual.

Even though teaching Pilates isn't my only career focus (I'm a music composer), I am dedicated to spreading its ideals and benefits in the most practical sense to anyone desiring to feel the difference, whether for strengthening and toning or rehabilitation purposes, or something as simple as to see people enjoy the body they were born with.

Experience the Power and Art of Pilates

Give Pilates a try, under the guidance of Zory Burner, a professional instructor, CYQ Level 3 certified by Pilates Training Solutions.

The fees listed below cover the Croydon area. Please get in touch to enquire about booking classes in other London areas.


£48 / 1hr session

Highly personalised matwork sessions, tailored to your specific needs, in the comfort & privacy of your home.
* Book a 5-Class Pack at £200 / £40 per session

Private Group

£60 / 1hr session

Small group sessions to share with relatives, friends or colleagues. 2-4 people. At your preferred location.
* Book a 5-Class Pack at £250 / £50 per class

Introductory Class

£30 / 30 min

Gain an instant insight into the Pilates method with a detailed, in-person presentation of the foundation of Pilates. A perfect trial session to help you decide if undertaking private classes is indeed what you need.

Online Consultation

from £7 / 10-20 min

Long distance yet personal: advice on correct performance of exercises; assistance with existing exercise program; help with pain management; holistic lifestyle coaching. All via an informal video chat.

For enquiries or to book a session with Zory:

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My son and I are on our 10th lesson with Zory. It has been a great experience. Zory is very inspiring, communicative and makes us feel at ease while challenging us to improve. She has a comprehensive knowledge of Pilates and always seems to know an exercise for how we're feeling and what we need. The lessons are varied and interesting. Our progress is tangible. She keeps us motivated with her boundless positive energy. We both look forward to her lessons and would thoroughly recommend a lesson with Zory

- Leom & My Heath

I had ten private lessons with Zory. It was money well spent! I initially went to Zory with knee issues and she was very sympathetic to this and tailored the sessions to help strengthen my quadriceps on doctor’s advice. The difference to my knee was noticeable in that the pain had reduced. I was never bored with my sessions as Zory always switched up the exercises to make it more interesting and challenging for me. I wish I had found Zory years ago! Also she is a genuinely kind person - I most definitely recommend contacting her and getting some lessons!

- Melinda S

I went to Zory because I had balance problems and Zory tailored the exercises perfectly to my situation. She was always extremely professional and well prepared and I have enjoyed how each lesson has been different. It is a pleasure to have Zory visit my house.

- Rosalind Upton

Zory teaches Pilates to me via webcam as part of a small group session with colleagues and has done for a few months now. Initially she spent time going through individual questionnaires with us all to understand our abilities and any injuries. I have issues with my back and hips which means I sometimes struggle to do some of the moves. In big class sessions, this tends to get missed and I don't enjoy it. However with Zory's small sessions she's aware of my limits and always has an adaption if I need it. She's friendly, very professional and I always feel amazing after our sessions. I would highly recommend Zory, no matter what your ability level.

- Gilly Keat

I have been having a small group Pilates lesson with Zory for a few months now. I always enjoy the lessons. Zory is a great teacher with attention to detail and varies the classes which keeps it interesting for us. I always feel energised after a session and look forward to it every week. I would definitely recommend Zory to anyone that is interested in taking up Pilates or improving on what they already know.

- Rachel Eaton

Having decided to try Pilates, a few of us decided to get together and find an instructor. We found Zory online and started our weekly sessions in May. We have found it to be very beneficial and so glad we came across Zory! .... the sessions get better and better and there has definitely been an improvement in body strength and suppleness with the added bonus of Zory being a great instructor. I would highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed!

- Colette Connaris